Whether you have been unfairly convicted of a crime, or the judge has made an incorrect ruling in your civil case, you often have the remedy of appealing the result. Whether the appeal is granted or not is typically based on the filing that is done by the attorney on behalf of the client. Many law firms to do not handle appeals, as this legal remedy requires much research and case law review, as well as review of legal opinions presented to the appellate courts to determine and show what errors were made in the original ruling or trial. An appeal is often the only recourse provided by the courts to give you the opportunity to receive justice and it is important that you have an effective and dedicated attorney to help you initiate this critical process.

Appellate practice is a unique area of the law that requires a lawyer to make a comprehensive review of the entire record. Being a successful appellate lawyer requires a combination of substantive knowledge, trial experience, and effective writing skills. The lawyers at Summers & Schneider have an impressive record of reversing negative rulings and turning them into victories.